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Get to know the Odd Squad Family.



Nubs, which is an acronym for Normally Underestimated By Sight, was born with a rare condition, leaving him without arms or legs. Not having any limbs is enough of a struggle to overcome already but Nubs also had to endure the bullying and teasing that came along with his condition, but instead of submitting to the pressure and letting life get him down, Nubs, resorted to music. Putting his real life trials and tribulations into his tracks Nubs creates content that many can relate to.



A-Factor is the newest addition to the Odd Squad Family, and although he may seem relatively normal by appearance, he has had his own battles to overcome throughout life. Bringing a fresh new perspective to the group, A-Factor lays it down on the track with his unique sound and style, expressing himself in a way that must be heard.



Snowman, like nubs, was also born with a rare condition, but instead of not having limbs he was born without pigment. 1 in 20,000 people in the U.S. are born with albinism, and Snowman is one of them. Dealing with similar struggles, Snow, found himself pouring his feelings into hip hop, which lead to the start of his friendship and contribution to the Odd Squad Family.

Frosty (2000-2016)


Frosty is the youngest member of the group and Snowman's little brother. Like his older brother, Frosty was born with the recessive gene for albinism, and followed his brother's footsteps, prevailing against everyone who said he couldn't. Frosty's passion for music became his outlet to express himself, from spitting freestyles with friends to laying down verses in the studio with the family. Frosty's energy and passion radiated off of him motivating anyone and everyone around him and although he's no longer with us, he will never be forgotten. R.I.P. Jerece "Frosty" Player.

About OSF


Odd Squad Family consists of 4 talented rap artists by the names of Nubs, Snowman, A-Factor, and Frosty. Together these 4 defied all odds on their journey to fight for the odd and inspire the rest through their music. Creating content that’s a direct reflection of their day-to-day lives and feelings, Odd Squad delivers strong, relatable content in a modern-manner. OSF strives to spread positivity and encourages everyone to be proud of who you are and to work hard toward your dreams, no matter how “impossible” they may seem.

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