There is something immediately captivating about the Odd Squad Family. Audiences’ initial reactions to the hip-hop trio consisting of a man with no arms or legs (a.k.a N.U.B.S), a legally blind Albino (a.k.a Snowman), and a black guy (a.k.a A-Factor) can be met with puzzling looks, curiosity, and disbelief. But then something truly magical happens when the beat drops and the trio unleash their rapid-fire flows; people look past their exterior and completely immerse themselves in the music. Odd Squad Family can make you laugh, cry, and want to fire up a joint as they take you on a roller coaster of emotions all in the same song.

Odd Squad Family banded together as a group of unlikely misfits when Nubs and Snowman met in high school and bonded over their love of all things hip-hop from Ice Cube to E-40. Growing up in Phoenix the guys found music as an outlet to escape from the outside world. Working at a local studio is where they first met Factor, a Phoenix transplant who originally grew up in Colorado Springs. They instantly developed a sticky chemistry together that clicked with their blue-collar work ethic and creative energy. As a trio, they formed an unbreakable bond through music that allowed them to celebrate their differences and turn them into full-fledged rap superpowers.

We were just a group of outcasts that banded behind one common connection; being different,” remembers N.U.B.S. “As we started rapping we took the name of our click and ran with it in the music. As time went and we kept chasing our dreams until it manifested.”

The trio was met with tragedy in 2016 when original founding member Frosty (Snowman’s biological brother) tragically passed away. The untimely passing of a brother was a catalyst for the Odd Squad Family to put things into perspective and from that point on it was all gas no brakes.

“When my brother Frosty passed away showed me I needed to take things a lot more seriously,” said Snowman reflecting. “We don’t have much time on this earth and you never know when your name will be called.”

A newfound hunger and determination allowed Odd Squad Family to have their breakthrough moment with the release of the viral smash “Done Did” which now has amassed nearly 9 million views on Youtube, and another 2.7 million streams on Spotify as the Squad soared to over 100,000 monthly listeners. The Squad wasn’t finished and followed it up with the now classic smoker’s anthem “Smoke My Pain” which stacked up another 7 million Youtube views, and garnered the Squad a cult following who related to the group’s gritty, real lyrics, and underdog mentality. From there the group hit the road on national tours and continues to relentlessly grind their way to the top.

Now armed with an arsenal of emotional rhymes and head-nodding beats & their home based established at Only Dreamers, The Odd Squad Family is looking to level up with the release of their new album “Rocket Kid”.

“The ‘Rocket Kid’ is the story of a kid who is untainted by the rules of society and reality. A kid that sees his dreams and will make them come true no matter the trials and tribulations,” commented NUBS when asked about the inspiration behind the new album. “It means more than just another album to me. It’s about a kid that shoots for the stars and doesn’t stop till he is flying in them. To me, this represents our story, our come up, and our triumph.”

A~Factor added, “Rocket Kid originally started out as a song idea, but we immediately knew it was one of those ideas that were bigger than all of us. We’re finally in a position where we could flesh out the idea with the production and rhymes that would deliver on it. This was bigger than one song, it was a whole concept that we modeled the entire album after.”

Odd Squad Family’s story is about overcoming adversity and refusing to quit when the outside world has you listed as the underdog. This is the story of the underdogs coming out on top even when everyone counted them out. In the Odd Squad’s version of this story, they take down the giant that is the music business and continue to color outside the lines independently. The craziest part is that this isn’t the end of Odd Squad Family’s story; “Rocket Kid” is just the start of a new chapter.


Nubs, which is an acronym for Normally Underestimated By Sight, was born with a rare condition, leaving him without arms or legs. Not having any limbs is enough of a struggle to overcome already, but Nubs also had to endure the bullying and teasing that came along with his condition. Instead of submitting to the pressure and letting life get him down, Nubs, resorted to music. Putting his real life trials and tribulations into his tracks Nubs creates content that many can relate to.



Snowman, like nubs, was also born with a rare condition, but instead of not having limbs he was born without pigment. 1 in 20,000 people in the U.S. are born with albinism, and Snowman is one of them. Dealing with similar struggles, Snow, found himself pouring his feelings into hip hop, which lead to the start of his friendship and contribution to the Odd Squad Family.



A-Factor is the final addition to the Odd Squad Family, and although he may seem relatively normal by appearance, he has had his own battles to overcome throughout life. Bringing a fresh new perspective to the group, A-Factor lays it down on the track with his unique sound and style, expressing himself in a way that must be heard.



Frosty is the youngest member of the group and Snowman’s little brother. Like his older brother, Frosty was born with the recessive gene for albinism, and followed his brother’s footsteps, prevailing against everyone who said he couldn’t. Frosty’s passion for music became his outlet to express himself, from spitting freestyles with friends to laying down verses in the studio with the family. Frosty’s energy and passion radiated off of him motivating anyone and everyone around him and although he’s no longer with us, he will never be forgotten. R.I.P. Jerece “Frosty“ Player.